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Three High Street Bakers

Most of us in Lincolnshire, most of the time, consume uniform baked products, produced on an industrial scale by workers we will never meet. But it’s not the only choice available to us. We went to meet three highly skilled and passionate bakers, who are baking fresh each day on Lincoln High Street. It’s a joyous break from the bland uniformity that we are used to! Katarzyna – SuperLincs Katarzyna is the head baker at SuperLincs on High Street, leading a team of four bakers – two bread bakers who work through the night, and two cake bakers who work…

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Lincolnshire Food Partnership Co-ordinators, Laura Stratford and Ticky Nadal

About us

We are Laura Stratford and Ticky Nadal. We co-ordinate the work of Lincolnshire Food Partnership.

As a food partnership, we seek to bring groups of people together with a common purpose, to achieve more than we might have done individually. 

Our role is supportivecatalytic and contributory, seeking to make a more integrated local food system, consistent with our mission and aims.

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