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Welcome to our new Good Food Movement Coordinator

The Sustainable Food Places (SFP) vision of a healthy, sustainable, equitable food system is not one that will be achieved behind closed doors, on paper or in a queue; it will take shape in local communities, through sharing, learning, connecting and organising. The Good Food Movement Handbook, Sustainable Food Places Central to work of the Food Partnership is building a good food movement of active food citizens. Food Citizens People in Lincolnshire care about the foods we eat, the way they are grown and the people who are part of that process. We care that everyone in our communities can…

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Lincolnshire Food Partnership Co-ordinators, Laura Stratford and Ticky Nadal

About us

We are Laura Stratford and Ticky Nadal. We co-ordinate the work of Lincolnshire Food Partnership.

As a food partnership, we seek to bring groups of people together with a common purpose, to achieve more than we might have done individually. 

Our role is supportivecatalytic and contributory, seeking to make a more integrated local food system, consistent with our mission and aims.

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