Welcome to our new Good Food Movement Coordinator

The Sustainable Food Places (SFP) vision of a healthy, sustainable, equitable food system is not one that will be achieved behind closed doors, on paper or in a queue; it will take shape in local communities, through sharing, learning, connecting and organising.

The Good Food Movement Handbook, Sustainable Food Places

Central to work of the Food Partnership is building a good food movement of active food citizens.

Photo: Henry Kenyon

Food Citizens

People in Lincolnshire care about the foods we eat, the way they are grown and the people who are part of that process.

We care that everyone in our communities can afford to put food on the table, and have access to healthy, nourishing food that our bodies need every day.

We Lincolnshire care about the environment, in the welfare of animals, in taking action on climate change.

We are so much more than just “consumers” with only the purchasing power of the pound (we may or may not have) in our pocket. We are food citizens who share responsibility for the food system, and can work together to influence it.

Food citizenship is a movement. As food citizens, we believe in the power of
people. We want to and can have a positive influence on the way that food is being produced, distributed and consumed. We know that we express more of our true selves as citizens than we do as consumers. When given that opportunity, we feel empowered to catalyse and create positive change in and
for our community. We include other people in creating positive change. We want to do the right thing for society to thrive now and in the future.

Food Citizenship, The Food Ethics Council

Our new Coordinator

We are very excited to welcome to the Food Partnership team a woman who has been a big inspiration of ours for a long time now: Amie Alissa Watson, our new Good Food Movement Coordinator.

Amie has an impressive array of community organiser credentials, including Slow Circular Earth, North Lincolnshire Climate Action Group, Zero Waste Cafe, Humber Food Coop, and most recently the We’re Jammin’ team of volunteers who make condiments using surplus produce for Mint Lane’s Condiment Club.

Amie will be working a day a week, based at Mint Lane Cafe, and elsewhere in the community as needed.

Join the Good Food Movement in Lincolnshire

The Food Partnership approach to developing a good food movement has three themes:

  1. Supporting grassroots-led action;
  2. Inspiring and engaging the public
    about good food
  3. Community representation

Movement-building not only develops a landscape of networks that make a distributed and inclusive campaign possible, but it supports the message that good food is everyone’s business. Citizen involvement in food partnership work helps to hold decision-makers to account, and likewise offers decision-makers a public mandate to make sustained improvements to the local food system.

The Good Food Movement Handbook, Sustainable Food Places

We need citizen involvement in growing the good food system, and shape it in a way that understands and meets the needs of all.

Amie will be working with local groups over the coming year, welcoming and involving communities and underrepresented voices, to build a diverse and confident good food movement in Lincolnshire.

You can expect exciting new opportunities to meet, cook, eat, talk and organise together throughout 2023!

Watch this space for more, and if you’d like to get involved, email amie@lincolnshirefoodpartnership.org

Amie Alissa Watson

Hello, I’m Amie Alissa Watson. I have been a make-do and mender all my life. From squishing berries into jam with my grandma using fruits from her country garden to sewing with my mum using fabric remnants. A magical life seamless with nature is at my core. 

Sustainable life became an absolute necessity at my darkest hour – from that grew a primal urge to support my family. A new ‘me’ was born from this pressure. I chose practical positivity through plant-based food, eco-fashion, meditation, yoga – at one with nature and my nature. I stripped it all down to the core necessities revealing what was there all along – my true purpose to be the change I wanted to see.

I created Slow Circular Earth UK to grow a community and to spark creative solutions to sustainable living. It grew out of seeing a need for more community-based activities surrounding climate change. I spent more time in food cooperatives, learning about food waste. I could educate on how to lead a more sustainable life.  

  • We inspire and empower women, children and families to come together to create their own communities, developing an eco mindset with integrity. Together we build communities that flourish on purpose and in harmony with nature by merging the best of the past with green innovation.
  • We are all about SHE, sustainability, honesty and empowerment
  • We are creating a platform for practical climate action within our communities. 

I believe there is a true need to amplify the voices of people who are being ignored. Women, young people and children have needs that are being missed.  I have known and felt it throughout my life and I am empowered to help others overcome these for themselves and enable them to work to find ways that best suit them.

I act as a Green Feminist and a Green Entrepreneur working to be the best that I can be to help others.  Growing likeminded communities that can in turn have a bigger impact locally and nationally and become change makers and leaders within their communities.

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