We are a partnership of organisations across Greater Lincolnshire, working together for greener, fairer and healthier food for all, through sustainable local action.

The Future of Food in the Lincolnshire Fens


If you are involved in farming, food processing or distribution, or food-related work in the Lincolnshire fens, you can apply for a place on these workshops.

Places are limited and participants will be selected to ensure a balance of representation.

Painting by Nick Tearle, Dark Clouds over Langtoft Fen

Good Food – What’s On

Edible Community Garden Tours

We are collaborating with local community farms and gardens to organise edible garden tours.

Each group will visit each other’s sites to share ideas, stories and help out with advice where they can.

This will build the network, their networks and options to collaborate. From this, community gardens that are geographically close to each other, will have the opportunity for volunteer days at each other’s sites through lend a hand days.

Save The Date for our next Edible Garden Tour dates:

  • Tuesday 27th June
  • Friday 14th July

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What we do

As a partnership organisation, the GLFP does not develop projects in an executive, singular way.

Rather we seek to bring groups of people together with a common purpose, to achieve more than we might have done individually.

Our role is thus supportive, catalytic and contributory, seeking to make a more integrated local food system, consistent with our mission and aims.

Current Projects

Good food for all

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, sustainable food, and no-one should have to rely on charity for the basics.

We work and campaign for good food for all, and at the same time stand with those in our communities who are facing hardship.

Use our online map to find your nearest foodbank, community larder, affordable cafe, membership supermarket or homeless outreach.

Community & Urban Growing

Urban food growing galvanises community, develops skills and local resilience, improves health and wellbeing, and provides fresh food with minimal transport and emissions.

There are all sorts of way to get involved with growing food in your local community, from school growing projects and community gardens and orchards, to horticultural societies, Community Supported Agriculture and Care Farms.

Find out what’s going on in your area:

Incredible Edible in Lincolnshire


From the blog:

  • The Future of Food in the Lincolnshire Fens
    In this workshop, we will explore collectively the current and foreseeable challenges to producing, processing, and transporting food in the Fens. We will build on the experience of local farmers, processors, retailers, IDBs, local authorities, the Environment Agency, and others who live and work in the Fens. Through discussions, punctuated by snippets of information on current trends and projections, we will explore what the future holds for food in the Fens, and how those who work and live in the Fens can shape its future. The workshop will be run by Dr Julien Etienne, independent consultant, who has been conducting […]
  • Baking with Diverse Grain
    Baking using flour from diverse population wheat, from Turner’s of Bytham and South Ormsby Estate in Lincolnshire Photos from Lincolnshire Breadbasket event at Heckington Windmill on 3rd May, and sent by the bakers in the following weeks
  • The Reality of Food Poverty in Lincoln
    A new report shows a dramatic rise in the number of Lincoln residents needing emergency food parcels from the city’s food banks. The greatest increase is among households with children: children now account for 35% of all people fed by food banks in Lincoln.  The two largest food bank networks in Lincoln provided almost 47,000 meals in the last three months. At the same time, there has been a collapse in the amount of food being donated: “surplus food” stocks are down, particularly chilled and fresh produce. Since the publication of the report, Fareshare has made the hard decision to […]

Who we are

Food Partners

Food Partners

We are organisations working together towards a fairer, greener, healthier food system in Greater Lincolnshire through sustainable local action, in sympathy with the Mission and Aims of the Food Partnership.

If you share our aims, find out more about becoming a Food Partner


Amie Alissa Watson and Laura Stratford coordinate the work of the Food Partnership.

Food Partnership Coordinator Laura@LincolnshireFoodPartnership.org

Good Food Movement Coordinator Amie@LincolnshireFoodPartnership.org

Advisory Board

Our board brings together local leaders with a passion for sustainable food.

We have backgrounds in the public, private and third sector, including local government, the faith community, local businesses, schools and charities.

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