About us

The Community Garden was set-up in 2022 as an initiative of the Rasen Area Environmental Group.

The aim was to support the local community with an outlet for both mental and physical well-being, an opportunity to grow nutritious food and foster a community spirit. 

After a search of the area for a suitable plot, a kind landowner offered a corner of a field with a poly-tunnel to establish the garden.

We are a small but growing group but have made great progress over the last few months and look forward to welcoming others to create what we hope will be a productive, but at the same time restful environment in which we can grow food to benefit families in this area. 

What we do

At present we have prepared 12 “no-dig” vegetable beds with horse manure and compost: most of them will be for spring and summer vegetables but we were donated some garlic bulbs and these have filled one of the beds. We’ve also created 3 raised beds so that the less mobile amongst us can work more comfortably.

We’ve planted a row of daffodils amongst mixed fruit bushes along the public footpath boundary. This we hope will attract pollinator insects, as well as brightening up the patch.  We also plan to have a wildlife area with a small pond surrounded by native wildflowers.

With help from a local weaver, the initial stems have been planted to form a willow structure, which visiting children will be able to play in.

The poly-tunnel has been cleared of weeds and a central bed created.  It will be a wonderful environment for cultivating plants which require a warmer growing season, but also for growing seedlings for outside planting.

Sunday mornings

We generally meet on Sunday mornings between about 11:00 and 1:00 so please feel free to come along and see what we’re doing, or just for a chat if you like. 

After introductions you can attend the garden anytime that is convenient for you.

Access is via the footpath between Old Gallamore Lane and The Old Mill in Middle Rasen.  You can find it with What3words: ///mend.novelists.boater

Contact us 

You can get more information from Richard (07711 494676) or by e-mailing rasenarea.eg@gmail.com.

Find us on the Good To Grow map.

Or you can join our Facebook group for even more info and to interact with other members.

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