5 ways to be part of a better food system in Greater Lincolnshire

Manager Angeletia Padmore at the till of Lincoln Community Grocery

Good food for all

We believe there should be no need for foodbanks, and that everyone should have access to healthy, sustainable food.

But for an increasing number of people, this is not the reality.

By supporting your local foodbank or community cafe, we can stand together with people facing hardship right now.

Choose a Sustainable Diet

Eat seasonally (for seasonal recipes and ideas, we love Veg Hacks)

Eat more vegetables, fruit and nuts.

Eat more UK beans and pulses – they’re a vital part of sustainable farming. Try Hodmedods for UK grown

Go for less and better meat & dairy (if you eat animal products) avoiding ultra-processed. If you eat meat, look for Pasture for Life, Organic, or produce from a local mixed farm

choosing local veg at a market

Support Lincolnshire Producers

If we want a thriving sustainable food economy, we need to support our good food producers, and the cafes, restaurants and shops that connect them to us:

– Farmers markets and farm shops

– Local veg box, e.g Eden Farm or Community Supported Agriculture, e.g. Ropsley Market Garden, or Middle World CSA 

Big Barn lists local food businesses when you put in your postcode

Grow Community & Urban

Growing food in urban and shared spaces such as community gardens or allotment can:

  • provide fresh, flavoursome foods without transport and packaging
  • pass on skills & foster community
  • improve connection with our food, nature and the land
  • support health and well being
  • develop resilient seeds
  • lead to respect and empathy with our farmers and growers, and the incredible work that they do

Change what we say. Change how we think.

“For too long we, who buy and eat food, have been thought of as only consumers at the end of a food chain. Our power and our ability to act on our ethical principles has been limited to what we buy and how we buy it.

This idea is being challenged.

When we are treated as citizens, our compassionate values build a shared sense of belonging and community which means we are more trusting, more inclined to join with others, and more likely to find the courage to take action.”

The story of Lincolnshire Food Partnership

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