About us

We work a six-acre field by Donington-on-Bain, six miles west of Louth, in partnership with the owners, Stenigot Estates. 

A 10-metre wide strip is hand worked by volunteers raising a variety  of produce; and the remaining area is managed by David producing larger quantities of field crops.

We also raise tomatoes, cucumbers,  courgettes, etc. in a nearby polytunnel. We have a few hens nearby. 

In 2022, we are still finding our feet in what we grow, how we grow it, and how best to make it available to local people.

We are also  proud of our community objectives including “banishing isolation and loneliness” through whatever we do.  

Saturday mornings

We generally meet at The Field on Saturday mornings when our roadside stall is filled with fresh produce – operating on a donation basis.

You are very welcome to join us or just pop by to see what we are up to. There is also a satellite stall in  Louth (opposite Louth hospital).  

Holistic goals 

1) To banish loneliness and isolation -> To build a warm and welcoming community

2) To grow and prepare nutritious, organic food 

3) To share information, knowledge, skills and experience 

4) To become a long-term, local food project that could be replicated elsewhere

Community gardening in Donington on Bain

A local farmer sets aside a field for community growing. A group of local residents get together to plan. A stall at the roadside offers fresh, organic, pay-as-you-feel veg to the community, and a local Foodbank distributes free, organic food to people who are facing food insecurity. The essence of this vision… “shared, organic produce,…

In 2022-23, the community grew a field of leeks, which were donated to community groups and charities by Fareshare:

The Land of Common Sense

Newsletters from the Community Farm at Donington on Bain

The Future of Food in the Lincolnshire Fens

In this workshop, we will explore collectively the current and foreseeable challenges to producing, processing, and transporting food in the Fens. We will build on the experience of local farmers, processors, retailers, IDBs, local authorities, the Environment Agency, and others who live and work in the Fens. Through discussions, punctuated by snippets of information on…

Notes from the Tamar Valley

Food Partnership Coordinator, Laura Stratford, made a research trip to the Tamar Valley, an area of the country where the Open Food Network is being used to great effect, to see if Lincolnshire might take a leaf from their book… Accessing Local Food Lincolnshire produces a huge proportion of the nation’s food.  But if we,…

Garibaldi Street Garden

Transforming a Grimsby car park Community groups are taking a grassroots approach to growing fresh food in a Grimsby neighbourhood at a time of rapidly rising food prices! Groups in the town’s East Marsh community are are set to create a new urban orchard and community garden in the Garibaldi Street Car Park in Grimsby.…


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