Be a part of the Good Food Movement in Greater Lincolnshire

Pitch In Kitchen Supper Club

We are proud to be working with both Slow Circular Earth and SoundLincs to host music based workshops alongside a Pitch In Kitchen at Mint Lane Cafe. These will be multigenerational and combine the planning, preparing, cooking and sharing of surplus food with music and good conversation.

All our Pitch In Kitchen Supper Clubs will be held at Mint Lane Cafe, Lincoln.

From 6pm to 9pm.

Our Upcoming Pitch In Kitchen Supper Club dates:

  • Friday 2nd June
  • Friday 28th July
  • Friday 6th October
  • Friday 15th December

World Food Supper Club

We can’t wait to share with you a little part of Lincolnshire’s Good Food Movement. Our World Food Nights are all about supporting grassroots and individuals from our community that have a story and food to share. 

We are hosting bi-monthly Supper Clubs at Mint Lane Cafe, Lincoln.

From 6pm to 9pm.

Join us for food, conversation and connectivity.

Our Upcoming World Food Supper Club dates:

  • Friday 30th June
  • Friday 8th September
  • Friday 3rd November 

Edible Community Garden Tours

We are collaborating with local community farms and gardens to organise edible garden tours.

Each group will visit each other’s sites to share ideas, stories and help out with advice where they can.

This will build the network, their networks and options to collaborate. From this, community gardens that are geographically close to each other, will have the opportunity for volunteer days at each other’s sites through lend a hand days.

Save The Date for our next Edible Garden Tour dates:

  • Tuesday 27th June
  • Friday 14th July

Foraging, Wellbeing & Food

We are starting to explore the many ways we can find things to eat around our natural surroundings.

We are hosting a Forage & Cook experience with Old Wood Organic CIC.

We are organically creating events that come from a simple connection and conversation that sparks an idea within. If you have any burning away, do not hesitate to contact us!

Save The Date:

  • Saturday 28th July

Seed Co-op Open Day

The highlight of the market gardener’s calendar – the Seed Co-op opens its gates to guests to share their vital work, sowing the seeds of a healthy, resilient future.

Parking on-site

Refreshments & stalls

  • Saturday 12th August, 10am – 3pm

LOGO Apple Day

A celebration of Apples and Orchards hosted by Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners’ Organisation (LOGO)

East of England Apples & Orchards Project (EEAOP) will support with its display of 20 local Lincolnshire apple varieties as well as over 100 more from other counties in the east of England.

The EEAOP team of experts will be offering apple identification, putting names to any unidentified fruits whilst also on the lookout for any previously unrecorded and any ‘lost’ or Lincolnshire varieties.

To help with identification please bring along 3 typical examples of fruits plus a few leaves.

If your tree is more than 50 years old there’s a chance you may have one of the potentially ‘lost’ Lincolnshire varieties such as Old Man, Garrett’s Golden Pippin, Stoup’s Leadington.

  • Apple Juicing available: up to 10kg of your own clean apples juiced free. Don’t forget to bring containers for the juice.
  • LOGO produce stall, organic gardening advice and displays by other associated organisations.
  • Delicious homemade refreshments

Save the date:

  • Sunday 1st October, 11am to 4pm – Free Admission

Join the good food movement!

For more information and to get involved, contact:

Recent events

Edible Community Garden Tour

Old Wood Organic CIC

We are collaborating with local community farms and gardens to organise edible garden tours.

Our first visit will be to Old Wood Organic CIC to share, learn and enhance our local Good Food Movement by connecting and working together.

Our first Edible Garden Tour date:

  • Friday 19th May, 1pm to 3pm
  • Old Wood Organic CIC, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln

World Food Supper Club

Ghanaian food & story telling with Mother & Daughter duo.

Mint Lane Cafe

  • Friday 12 May

A Lincolnshire Breadbasket

How can farmers, millers and bakers can work together towards diverse, resilient, nourishing, accessible bread for all, in a changing climate?

If you’re a miller, an independent or micro baker (or would like to be!) in Lincolnshire, we welcome your involvement in addressing these big issues together.

Email to find out more.

The Open Food Network

You may have missed these workshops, but we’re still buzzing from them! – There will be more to follow…

If you’re interested in getting involved, email

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