Affordable cafe & thrifty shop

Mint Lane, Lincoln LN1 1UD

Mint Lane Café provides a warm welcome to the Involve@Lincoln wellbeing centre, which is home to other activities including counselling, peer support groups, creative therapy sessions and condition themed support.

All of the groups and organisations have the overall aim of bringing people together to combat isolation, loneliness and encourage positive mental health and well-being. 

Reducing food waste by taking retail surplus, as well as fresh food donations from local farms and allotment holders, Mint Lane Cafe provides friendship, affordable meals in their cafe (or to takeaway during lockdown) and groceries in a ‘Thrifty Shop’.

Training is provided for volunteers in all aspects of café work.

Friendship through Food

Ultimately, Mint Lane Café wants to make a difference in the lives of anyone who engages with the café. This includes volunteers, staff and customers. We get to meet a wide variety of people, all of whom experience their own individual difficulties, but what the café provides helps everyone despite what may be happening in their life.

Mint Lane has been offering takeaway hot meals from the cafe throughout lockdown, as well as operating the shop, which provides ambient and chilled groceries.

Last year we purchased a display freezer with the intention to offer frozen ready meals that will be cooked on site, as well as frozen groceries that we receive from Fareshare, which is where we get the majority of our stock.

We’ve mapped foodbanks, community larders and affordable cafes across Greater Lincolnshire.

Find your nearest foodbank to request help for yourself or someone in your community, volunteer your time, or make a donation.

Get involved in a community garden in your area, or if there’s not much going on where you live – start something delicious!

Everyone is welcome – if you eat, you’re in!

We’re working together for greener, fairer and healthier food for all, through sustainable local action in Lincolnshire.

Find out more, and if you’re with us, join us!