Be a Food Partner


We’re working to bring together like-minded organisations and businesses from across Greater Lincolnshire, to further our collective aims of fairness, sustainability and health in the food system. 

Photo: Henry Kenyon
If your organisation is based in Greater Lincolnshire, supports our aims, and is actively working towards some or all of them, you can apply to become a Food Partner.

There’s no cost or other obligation on your part – it’s an indication of your support for and commitment to our mission for fairer, healthier, greener food, and our aims.

Work together: we’ll explore and create opportunities for collaboration among Food Partners in Greater Lincolnshire, and catalyse projects that matter to you.

We’ll keep you posted with food news, updates, funding info (and you can let us know if there are other email addresses you’d like the newsletter sending to).

We’ll share your work, projects, fundraising and events relating to fair, healthy, sustainable food on our social media, and feature you on our newsletter if you wish.

Apply Here

Be a Food Partner
News, events & inspiration from Greater Lincolnshire’s good food community

Success! You're on the list. But please add us to your contacts, and check your junk mail folder.

How to get involved right now

Talk with colleagues, friends, followers, etc to let them know you have joined, and invite them to find out a bit more from our website 

Add our logo with a link to our website onto your website or social media. This helps to raise the profile of our collective work.

Tell us your news and contribute articles that we can share on our blog/newsletter to let others across Greater Lincolnshire know about your work.

Talk to us – give us a call to chat about your food work and interests, find out what others are doing in Greater Lincolnshire towards a better food system, and how to connect

Connect with others – we’ve mapped organisations tackling poverty and creating opportunities for community food growing. Does your organisation need to be on these maps? Let us know.

Share your story – if you think you can inspire others with your work, we want to share that with our community! Invite me over to pay you a visit, take some snaps, and I’ll write up your story for our blog and newsletter.

Tag us so we can share your food-related news and events

Get in touch

We’re very much here to benefit our Food Partners rather than to ask you to do stuff for us. 

That said, if you would like talk about your work, ideas how we might work together, that would be awesome, we’d really welcome that – email to arrange a meeting or zoom call. 

On the blog

  • Three High Street Bakers
    Most of us in Lincolnshire, most of the time, consume uniform baked products, produced on an industrial scale by workers we will never meet. But it’s not the […]
  • Fringe Farming
    For fruit and vegetable crops – I’m talking the 7-a-day stuff that most of us need way more of in our diets – it’s a completely different story.  Just a few acres, with polytunnels or glasshouses require constant tending, and can employ numerous people doing skilled, interesting, rewarding, socially useful jobs.  Fruit and vegetables don’t necessarily need much processing before they reach our plates. We want to eat them fresh – the fresher the better!  It would make sense, then, that the most labour intensive, perishable, unprocessed foods are grown in close proximity to urban areas.
  • We Won Bronze!
    Greater Lincolnshire has become the latest place to win a prestigious Sustainable Food Places award. The award recognises Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership’s work to promote healthy, sustainable and […]

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