Thank you Ticky!

Ticky Nadal is stepping down from her role as Food Partnership Coordinator at the end of March, to focus more on her work at Board Director at Mint Lane CIC.

Ticky has done so much for the Food Partnership, especially working with foodbanks and community larders across the county; reducing food waste; championing healthy diets and local producers; and forging beneficial connections across the food system in Lincolnshire.

We will continue to work closely with her at Mint Lane CIC.

Ticky – you’re an absolute star!  Your hard work, passion and enthusiasm is really really infectious, and you will be much missed by all of us at GLFP – all the very best for the future, and I’m sure we’re bound to bump into each other in the future!

Martin Walmsley, Board Member

Ticky brought our attention to some of the most amazing and most frequently overlooked bakers on Lincoln’s High Street.

BY FAR the most popular blog on our website – this is Ticky’s celebration of doorstep milk in reusable glass bottle, including oat milk – hooray!

Beans and legumes are a vital part of sustainable diets and nature friendly farming – look no further for a good hearty recipe!

Three High Street Bakers

Most of us in Lincolnshire, most of the time, consume uniform baked products, produced on an industrial scale by workers we will never meet. But it’s not the only choice available to us. We went to meet three highly skilled and passionate bakers, who are baking fresh each day on Lincoln High Street. It’s a…

‘Milk’ back on the doorstep

I wonder how many times during this past year I just had to go to the shop because our household had run out of ‘milk’?  Feeling overwhelmed by the number of Tetrapaks piling up in our recycling bin every week I searched again for a company that would deliver plant based milk to our door. …

Beans, Beans, Good for your Heart

But are they really? And should we be eating lots more of them? The short answers to those questions are Yes and Yes, and can I entice you to read further with a promise of an uber easy super nutritional bean recipe at the end? So how are beans good for our bodies and in…

“I feel really lucky to have worked with Ticky, and will miss her a great deal. She is immensely generous, practical and knowledgeable, and she’s been such a positive influence on me personally, as well as on us collectively as a Food Partnership. I’m really glad that we’ll continue to be in touch and work closely, and glad that Mint Lane has such a dedicated, capable person to hold the reins.” Laura Stratford, joint coordinator

A huge thank you for everything you’ve done for the partnership in this time, you’ve been such a great member of this team and have brought really positive energy, effort and ideas. We will really miss you. Glad we will still have lots of reasons to connect and wish you every success in the commitments you focus on going forward.

Simon Hawking, Board Member / Acts Trust

On one of the first occasions that I met Ticky I was helping the volunteers to load the vans. Ticky arrived on her bicycle introduced herself and offered to help, I accepted the offer and we proceeded to load about 800kg of food destined for the east coast. This is an example of Ticky as I have known her, she is hard working, enthusiastic and has always offered support and encouragement whenever I met her.  She has been a vital part of the growth of FareShare Midlands in Lincoln and her contribution will be missed.

Ian Blackmore, Fareshare

A visionary, a grafter and a community-builder, Ticky’s role at Mint Lane has led to all sorts of innovations and conviviality – condiment clubs, ready-meals from surplus, supper clubs, and a life-saving site for food and friendship.

Good food and a healthy culture around mealtimes in school are so important! Her blog on secondary school food is a call to arms.

Ticky has been instrumental in bringing the big issues of poverty and food waste to the attention of business leaders in Lincolnshire

Mint Lane Cafe

Reducing food waste by taking retail surplus, as well as fresh food donations from local farms and allotment holders, Mint Lane Cafe provides friendship, affordable meals and groceries in a ‘Thrifty Shop’.

Keep reading

School Food

Infant and Junior school meal providers, whether in house or external caterers have been supported over the last decade by a variety of effective schemes helping them to deliver healthier and more nutritious lunchtime meals. So now what about our secondary schools? Time for lunch From Year 7 onwards we see a drastic change in…

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Help Tackle Poverty in Lincolnshire

To highlight the devastation brought by the Cost of Living Crisis, FareShare Midlands recently hosted a Help Tackle Poverty in Lincolnshire event at their Lincoln warehouse, with the support of the Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership and the Lincolnshire Co-op. Senior representatives from local businesses, the public sector and the food industry were invited to visit…

Keep reading

The Sustainable Food Places Bronze award is an achievement of people and organisations working together across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire for fairer, greener healthier food for all.

Credit to Ticky for her time and patience gathering evidence, articulating the work going on in our county, and preparing the application for submission.

We Won Bronze!

Greater Lincolnshire has become the latest place to win a prestigious Sustainable Food Places award. The award recognises Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership’s work to promote healthy, sustainable and local food and to tackle some of today’s greatest social challenges, from food poverty and diet-related ill-health to the disappearance of family farms and the loss of…

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Ticky has played a pivotal role in the development of Mint Lane Café, not least because of her in-depth knowledge of all things to do with professional catering and food preparation.

With a café committed to the re-use of ‘waste’ food it was, and remains, critical that food hygiene is managed properly to ensure healthy and nourishing food.

To have had these skills available in Ticky, not only for the café but more widely in the Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership, has been a central asset in the development of ‘social food’ in the County.  

Prof Nigel Curry, Former Chair of Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership

Your enthusiasm and expertise will certainly be missed. But our loss will be someone else’s gain. All the very best with whatever you’re doing – I’ll look forward to hearing about it.

Sarah Chaudary, Lincolnshire County Council

Congratulations on all that you and the GLFP have achieved. I’m sure your fabulous work will continue at Mint Lane.

Amanda and Rachel, Lincoln Independent

Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm in supporting the Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership. Best wishes with your future endeavours.

Ali and all the team at Green Synergy

Very sad to hear this news but also very grateful for the enthusiasm and dedication you have given to the Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership. Thank you for everything.

Jason O’Rourke, Washingborough Academy

Ticky, we shall miss you greatly – your passion, integrity and dedication have been hugely appreciated, thank you so very much.

I know it is not goodbye, you will certainly continue to be part of the GLFP family.

Caroline Kenyon, Board Chair

The Future of Food in the Lincolnshire Fens

In this workshop, we will explore collectively the current and foreseeable challenges to producing, processing, and transporting food in the Fens. We will build on the experience of local farmers, processors, retailers, IDBs, local authorities, the Environment Agency, and others who live and work in the Fens. Through discussions, punctuated by snippets of information on…

Baking with Diverse Grain

Baking using flour from diverse population wheat, from Turner’s of Bytham and South Ormsby Estate in Lincolnshire Photos from Lincolnshire Breadbasket event at Heckington Windmill on 3rd May, and sent by the bakers in the following weeks

The Reality of Food Poverty in Lincoln

A new report shows a dramatic rise in the number of Lincoln residents needing emergency food parcels from the city’s food banks. The greatest increase is among households with children: children now account for 35% of all people fed by food banks in Lincoln.  The two largest food bank networks in Lincoln provided almost 47,000…

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