TastEd wins BBC Award

TastEd – the tasty food educational framework for schools – was announced the winner of the the Food Innovation category of the 2022 BBC Food & Farming Awards this month. And they were up against some pretty stiff competition, too!


Massive congratulations are due to Food Partnership Board member and Washingborough Headteacher, Jason O’Rourke, who founded TastEd with food author, Bee Wilson, the the rest of the TastEd team.

“As a parent, what I especially love about TastEd is that it departs from the finger-wagging Healthy/Unhealthy narrative, and foregrounds the joy and pleasure in good food, particularly a massive diversity of vegetables. This is what I want for my children – during childhood and paving the way for a lifelong nourishing diet and enjoyment of the fundamentals of life.”

Laura Stratford, Food Partnership joint coordinator

Growing in Schools

Kim Smith for TastEd explained how TastEd works at our Growing in Schools event:

The Food Innovators 2022

Listen to the BBC Radio 4 Food Innovation Category (listen from 17:45 for TastEd)

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