Learning from Mrs Smith

A project exploring our sustainable past for a sustainable future, at Mrs Smith’s Cottage.

Be More… Seasonal. Sustainable. Hilda.

During this time of climate crisis more people are looking to the past to learn new skills and rediscover traditional knowledge that will be able to help us live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly daily life. 

Throughout 2022, Mrs Smith’s Cottage in Navenby will be sharing practical everyday skills inspired by Mrs Smith’s low waste lifestyle.

The project is an opportunity to increase your understandings of seasonal eating, food production, and waste disposal methods to make more sustainable choices. 

Photo: Chris Vaughan

Mrs Smith’s Sustainable Food

The cottage team will be holding a season of workshops, talks, and events at the cottage, online, and around North Kesteven. 

The programme will culminate in an almanac-style guide to be sold at Mrs Smith’s Cottage, giving practical low waste advice inspired by Mrs Smith’s life, interspersed with relevant quotes from Mrs Smith’s Diaries. 

Sustainable food and seasonal eating will be major themes in this project, and the following workshops are designed to help you make a start with sustainable eating.


  • 14th May – 10 to 12noon – Spring Forage at Hill Holt Wood – Tickets £5 – BOOK HERE
  • 31st May – 3pm to 4pm – Small Space, Big Harvest: A Gardening Talk at Mrs Smith’s Cottage – Tickets £5 – BOOK HERE
  • 25th June – 10am to 12noon – Summer Forage at Hill Holt Wood – Tickets £5 – BOOK HERE
  • 29th July – 11am to 12noon – Edible Flowers: A Family Forage Workshop at Mrs Smith’s Cottage – FREE – BOOK HERE

Get inspired by Mrs Smith’s own sustainable way of living to take action in your daily life by learning useful tips and tricks from Mrs Smith’s extraordinary ordinary life.

For the full events list please visit the website: https://www.mrssmithscottage.com/events/bemorehidla/


Mrs Smith: a Low Waste Inspiration

Lincolnshire resident, Mrs Smith (1892-94) can teach us a huge amount about sustainable living, local food and minimising waste. More about Mrs Smith’s life and home, by Sally Bird, Learning and Development Officer at Mrs Smith’s Cottage.

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Thank you Ticky!

Ticky Nadal is stepping down from her role as Food Partnership Coordinator at the end of March, to focus more on her work at Board Director at Mint Lane CIC. Ticky has done so much for the Food Partnership, especially working with foodbanks and community larders across the county; reducing food waste; championing healthy diets…

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A Lincolnshire Breadbasket

I was recently in a meeting about agri food, when an academic said to me – Laura, remember that farmers don’t really have that much to do with food. At first I was taken aback, but there is a sense in which selling a crop into a global commodity market does create a fairly stunning…

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Notes from the Tamar Valley

Food Partnership Coordinator, Laura Stratford, made a research trip to the Tamar Valley, an area of the country where the Open Food Network is being used to great effect, to see if Lincolnshire might take a leaf from their book… Accessing Local Food Lincolnshire produces a huge proportion of the nation’s food.  But if we,…

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