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  • The Seed Co-operative

    The Seed Co-operative

    “Our mission is to sow the seeds of a healthy and resilient organic food system that promotes diversity, democracy and a closer relationship with our food, and those who grow it.” The Seed Co-operative Sowing the seeds of a resilient food future The Seed Co-operative is a Lincolnshire seed producer – growing, processing and selling […]

  • Every day things you can add to the compost

    Every day things you can add to the compost

    Peat free We’re at the end of Peat Free April, and this will have influenced lots of people to stop buying peat-based compost for good, helping to protect endangered habitats and prevent greenhouse gas emissions. But what with the renaissance in British gardening, commercial peat-free compost may be in short supply this year! Whether on […]

  • Mrs Smith: a Low Waste Inspiration

    Mrs Smith: a Low Waste Inspiration

    Lincolnshire resident, Mrs Smith (1892-94) can teach us a huge amount about sustainable living, local food and minimising waste. More about Mrs Smith’s life and home, by Sally Bird, Learning and Development Officer at Mrs Smith’s Cottage.

  • Four things I’ve learnt – and a question

    Four things I’ve learnt – and a question

    1. Getting your hands dirty is transformative 2. The good food economy is a shared endeavour 3. Intergenerational friendship matters 4. Solidarity is on the rise A question: What would we do differently if we no longer needed foodbanks?

  • Doddington Farm Shop & Cafe

    Doddington Farm Shop & Cafe

    Veg exchange scheme, chat & collect, independent takeaway… our newest Food Partner, Doddington Farm Shop, has been doing loads through lockdown to keep providing  people with fresh local food, and keeping human interaction alive despite everything. Local, seasonal produce Opened in 2007, the Farm Shop at Doddington Hall was born out of a passion for […]

  • ‘Milk’ back on the doorstep

    ‘Milk’ back on the doorstep

    I wonder how many times during this past year I just had to go to the shop because our household had run out of ‘milk’?  Feeling overwhelmed by the number of Tetrapaks piling up in our recycling bin every week I searched again for a company that would deliver plant based milk to our door.  […]

  • Food and farming policy – Money in the till?

    Food and farming policy – Money in the till?

    British food policy is characterised by disconnectedness. Nigel Curry discusses a joined up food policy in the UK.

  • 60 Harvests Left

    60 Harvests Left

    Guest blog, by Annabel Britton, from All Good Market in Stamford There are more organisms in a handful of soil than there are people on Earth. It’s the foundation of all terrestrial life and civilisation. And it’s a finite resource: its loss and degradation cannot be recovered within a human lifespan. The soil crisis Globally, […]

  • Five things I learned at Oxford Real Farming Conference 2021

    Five things I learned at Oxford Real Farming Conference 2021

    My top five takeaways from ORFC 2021: 1. Eat more beans 2. Oppose cheap food 3. Imagination is not a luxury 4. CSAs are resilient 5. Real farming has to be the revolution of our times

  • Gardening for wildlife

    Gardening for wildlife

    Following the brilliant talk last Saturday with Mark Schofield from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, here are six actions for wildlife you might like to take this month.

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