United Food Force in North East Lincolnshire

One of our newest partners, the We Are One Foundation, is running three food banks in Grimsby, along with another in Caistor and another two in Cleethorpes.

The foundation is a result of One man’s vision to fight food poverty and change the lives of people in his community. 

Staple Foods & Hot Meals

Now working with dedicated trustees and an amazing group of volunteers, not only do they coordinate provision of staple foods to those in most need in North Lincolnshire, they also serve hot meals (at the moment for takeaway). 

Up to 200 meals would be served each Tuesday and Saturday at their central food hub – St Andrew’s Church in Grimsby. 

“We are ONE works to provide support for people facing food poverty including the homeless, those in hostels, the elderly and families in financial distress. Feeding those in need for free and on a voluntary basis, we will support anyone who asks, without prejudice in respect of circumstances, gender, race, religion or age.”

All are welcome!

Dave Wells had the idea to start serving food to people for free more than 6 years ago. 

He tells me that they had lots of discussions over the name of the organisation in its infancy. ‘We Are One’ just summed up everything and sends a clear message to anyone wanting to be involved. 

Whether as a volunteer, someone needing a break from eating on their own at home, young families, and anyone who is constantly on the move without a permanent place to stay – all are welcome.

Fish & Chip FryDays

Fish and Chip FryDays were launched at the end of December 2020: a fun family day supporting the fishing communities who have experienced hardship since the decline of the fishing industry in Grimsby.

This was a huge collaboration and there are too many generous donors to name.

Outstanding quality fish products were donated along with all of the ingredients to make the supper and dessert too.

If you are interested in finding out more about the event you can see more in this clip

We’ve mapped foodbanks, community larders and affordable cafes across Greater Lincolnshire.

Find your nearest foodbank to request help for yourself or someone in your community, volunteer your time, or make a donation.

Food news from our blog

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A new report shows a dramatic rise in the number of Lincoln residents needing emergency food parcels from the city’s food banks. The greatest increase is among households with children: children now account for 35% of all people fed by food banks in Lincoln.  The two largest food bank networks in Lincoln provided almost 47,000…

Thank you Ticky!

Ticky Nadal is stepping down from her role as Food Partnership Coordinator at the end of March, to focus more on her work at Board Director at Mint Lane CIC. Ticky has done so much for the Food Partnership, especially working with foodbanks and community larders across the county; reducing food waste; championing healthy diets…

Help Tackle Poverty in Lincolnshire

To highlight the devastation brought by the Cost of Living Crisis, FareShare Midlands recently hosted a Help Tackle Poverty in Lincolnshire event at their Lincoln warehouse, with the support of the Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership and the Lincolnshire Co-op. Senior representatives from local businesses, the public sector and the food industry were invited to visit…

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