Covid19 Update from Lincoln Community Larder

From the first realisation of the impact of Covid-19 Lincoln Community Larder determined to remain open throughout the restrictions despite many volunteers being unable to continue due to extra hours working, e.g. for NHS, or self-isolation.

Many organisational changes were required. Revd Rachel Heskins took over at the centre at St John’s Ermine, and John Lawson of Eden at St Giles Methodist Church, extending the hours there to accommodate further demand.

Both were able to use the new online system of vouchers, developed with Lincoln Food Bank and deployed earlier than expected at all centres, due to the closure of referral agencies.

The base at Rosemary Lane is a particular challenge due to limited space so food parcels are now pre-packed in our Warehouse with fresh food added at each session.

Thankfully each session has been dry so the yard could be used to maintain social distancing.

A new outreach opened on Thursday 9th April at St Mary’s Welton to help those in outlying villages to the North of Lincoln.

A small band of volunteers have worked hard at the Warehouse and on the front line providing food.

Our Coordinator has overseen the vital liaison with agencies and charities and collections from local stores, while our Chair and Treasurer have organised the many generous donation and funding available.

The Larder Trustees are very grateful for all the support they have received from the community.

Please continue to donate food, and if you would like to volunteer, please visit

If you would like to donate financially, please visit: 

To donate food and provisions to families in need:

Donation points are in most supermarkets and cooperative food stores in the City. If you would like to deliver a bulk quantity of food or provisions, please check here for drop off points (please maintaining social distancing) or contact for help.

Some Covid-19 food responses in Lincoln City

Covid-19 is changing the food landscape. This is a summary of information we have received from some of the organisations in the City that are setting up food responses. This will change day to day – we are working hard to keep this up to date. We will be pleased to act as a conduit…

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