From Palestine to Lincoln: the Importance of Fair Trade

Helena Mair

In the November issue of the newsletter we explained what it meant for Lincoln to be a Fairtrade City.

Last autumn, City Councillor Helena Mair went to visit a Community Interest Company that imports organically grown products from small scale farms in Palestine under the Fairtrade scheme – including the worlds first Fairtrade olive oil.

All of the profits in the Fairtrade scheme are reinvested to develop small scale agriculture particularly through improving infrastructure (especially water) and marketing.

And this is particularly important in Palestine, where farmers work under difficult conditions, access to resources is often difficult and military occupation can complicate the operation of many parts of the economic system.

Cllr Mair was able to help with the date harvest, visit the Anza Women’s Co-operative (where wheat is grown and couscous is made) and pick and bag the olives in the mountains of Canan.


“My experience of the trip was to feel the passion of the producers and the dedication to truly amazing food”.

Cllr Helena Mair

Seeing the way in which Fairtrade helps at the ‘production’ end of the food chain makes it all the more clear that buying Fairtrade products is a good thing to do.

Find out more about Lincoln Fairtrade

More on our blog.

Lincoln is a Fairtrade City

“One of our priorities is to reduce inequality in the city and we want to extend that to reach the vision of a world where justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practices.” Cllr Hewson

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