Organic food is growing in Lincolnshire

Do you know that organic food (and other plants) is being produced
throughout Lincolnshire in small spaces?

From small gardens, to large gardens, allotments and small holdings, the Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners’ Organisation (LOGO) promotes the principles and practice of organic
horticulture and agriculture.

Formed over 20 years ago, and affiliated to Garden Organic, LOGO is keen to
develop an understanding of organic agriculture across its membership and to
the general public.

To achieve this it has programmes of learning (visits, demonstrations and speakers), runs active campaigns, develops mutual help support and advice, orchestrates seed swaps and sales and encourages the buying and selling of organic produce.

The Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners’ Organisation has a Facebook page and a website where you can be kept up to date with all of their activities – and join in!

LOGO market stall

Three High Street Bakers

Most of us in Lincolnshire, most of the time, consume uniform baked products, produced on an industrial scale by workers we will never meet. But it’s not the only choice available to us. We went to meet three highly skilled and passionate bakers, who are baking fresh each day on Lincoln High Street. It’s a […]

Market gardeners

Fringe Farming

For fruit and vegetable crops – I’m talking the 7-a-day stuff that most of us need way more of in our diets – it’s a completely different story. 

Just a few acres, with polytunnels or glasshouses require constant tending, and can employ numerous people doing skilled, interesting, rewarding, socially useful jobs. 

Fruit and vegetables don’t necessarily need much processing before they reach our plates. We want to eat them fresh – the fresher the better! 

It would make sense, then, that the most labour intensive, perishable, unprocessed foods are grown in close proximity to urban areas.

We Won Bronze!

Greater Lincolnshire has become the latest place to win a prestigious Sustainable Food Places award. The award recognises Greater Lincolnshire Food Partnership’s work to promote healthy, sustainable and local food and to tackle some of today’s greatest social challenges, from food poverty and diet-related ill-health to the disappearance of family farms and the loss of […]

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