Organic food is growing in Lincolnshire

Do you know that organic food (and other plants) is being produced
throughout Lincolnshire in small spaces?

From small gardens, to large gardens, allotments and small holdings, the Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners’ Organisation (LOGO) promotes the principles and practice of organic
horticulture and agriculture.

Formed over 20 years ago, and affiliated to Garden Organic, LOGO is keen to
develop an understanding of organic agriculture across its membership and to
the general public.

To achieve this it has programmes of learning (visits, demonstrations and speakers), runs active campaigns, develops mutual help support and advice, orchestrates seed swaps and sales and encourages the buying and selling of organic produce.

The Lincolnshire Organic Gardeners’ Organisation has a Facebook page and a website where you can be kept up to date with all of their activities – and join in!

LOGO market stall

Welcome to our new Good Food Movement Coordinator

The Sustainable Food Places (SFP) vision of a healthy, sustainable, equitable food system is not one that will be achieved behind closed doors, on paper or in a queue; it will take shape in local communities, through sharing, learning, connecting and organising. The Good Food Movement Handbook, Sustainable Food Places Central to work of the…

How to eat more plants

In terms of the health of our bodies and the planet, eating more plants – and a greater diversity of plants – is one of the best choices most of us could make. Whether you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people taking the Veganuary challenge this year, or just want a delicious meal…

Christmas Gift Guide 2022

20 ideas to get away from Christmas consumer spending and towards health, conviviality and a sustainable food system. Including: planning, planting, reading, sharing, eating, drinking and making merry!

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