Covid-19 National Good Practice

Through our partners nationally in Sustainable Food Cities, here are some of the things that are going on, some of which could be tried in Lincoln.

Because ‘food’ is not a clearly defined local authority portfolio everywhere, most of our Food Partners are still researching possibilities for orchestrated provision.


  • Food collection and distribution points set up at Neighbourhood Hubs.
  • Plans to open school kitchens for children’s lunches.

Brighton and Hove

B&H has an orchestrated plan:


A spreadsheet documenting all City actions that it comes across:


  • Salvation Army to act as food collection points.
  • Local taxi firms have agreed to deliver takeaways.


Trying to set up an online credit facility for families in receipt of FSM


City Council is funding a free delivery service for food banks and
community cafes to supply those on their ‘books’, and has set up a donations


Supermarket vouchers are being bought and given to children on
free school meals (FSM), through schools. Main problems: hand sanitiser for
those involved in a direct delivery; lack of volunteers through self-isolation.

We’ll keep you updated with ‘best practice’ nationally, through our social

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