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  • Washingborough Academy Steps up to the Plate!

    Washingborough academy’s school chef has expanded the provision of hot meals to include all children who would otherwise have free school meals, over 70s and local residents in self-isolation. An 87-year-old resident had been to the school himself in 1937 and said that the school action made him feel proud.

  • Head Teacher Wins National Food Hero Award

    Jason O’Rourke, Head Teacher at Washingborough Academy and a Board Member of the LFP, has won the Caroline Walker Trust Food Hero of the Year Award for his inspirational leadership in food education.

  • You’re Never Too Old to Help Washingborough Academy Grow!

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    As we emerge from winter and welcome spring, children at Washingborough Academy have welcomed their grandparents to the school to help them plant their new batch of vegetable seeds. Following the success of the project last year, the school has now decided to grow a more diverse selection of vegetables and fruits to include more […]

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