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  • A Lincolnshire Breadbasket

    A Lincolnshire Breadbasket

    I was recently in a meeting about agri food, when an academic said to me – Laura, remember that farmers don’t really have that much to do with food. At first I was taken aback, but there is a sense in which selling a crop into a global commodity market does create a fairly stunning…

  • OFN workshops 2023

    OFN workshops 2023

    The Open Food Network in Lincolnshire We’re still buzzing from the conversations led by Nick Weir form the Open Food Network, about developing local food networks and food hubs in Lincolnshire. 25 people travelled from across the county (Greater Lincolnshire is MASSIVE!) and gathered at Mint Lane Cafe in Lincoln, for two OFN workshops and a convivial…

  • Open Food Network Workshops for Food Enterprises

    Open Food Network Workshops for Food Enterprises

    Following Duncan Catchpole’s well received Local Food Ecosystem workshops last July, we are hosting OFN workshops for Lincolnshire food growers and food producers. Retailers, restaurants and other local food enterprises who would like to find out more about selling local produce using the OFN are also welcome. Bring a laptop, for practical help with using…

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