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  • Lincoln Russet responds to Covid-19

    Lincoln Russet responds to Covid-19

    So this is where we suddenly found ourselves: a five star hygiene rated kitchen; a load of exceptional quality beef; and a woman who can cook! An NHS where staff work long shifts, putting themselves and their families personally at risk to look after our friends, our family, our neighbours through Covid-19.

  • Fighting the Covid-19 Food War in Lincoln

    Fighting the Covid-19 Food War in Lincoln

    In Lincoln, the local food system under Covid-19 doesn’t feel very joined up. There arelots of organisers. The local state (City and County) is marshalling community groupsand individual volunteers (but with no obvious pre-determined strategy for food, ordirect provision). Organising a Covid-19 response in Lincoln The Local Enterprise Partnership is trying to get folk onto […]

  • The LiFT project

    The LiFT project

    Peter from the LiFT project, based at Lincoln Baptist Church, shares his experience of providing food and supporting people during Covid-19 who are facing homelessness and other struggles.

  • Covid19 Update from Lincoln Community Larder

    Covid19 Update from Lincoln Community Larder

    From the first realisation of the impact of Covid-19 Lincoln Community Larder determined to remain open throughout the restrictions despite many volunteers being unable to continue due to extra hours working, e.g. for NHS, or self-isolation. We’ve been using a new online system of vouchers, developed with Lincoln Food Bank and deployed earlier than expected at all centres, due to the closure of referral agencies.

  • Castle Hotel feeds NHS workers

    Castle Hotel feeds NHS workers

    Castle Hotel is providing free, nourishing meals to NHS workers in Lincoln. The scheme means that hospital staff can eat a decent meal whilst on shift or take it home after a long stressful shift. Many front line staff are already working very long hours and this will only worsen with the pandemic. With cafes […]

  • Helping to Feed Children and Adults in Wragby

    Helping to Feed Children and Adults in Wragby

    Wragby Children Eat Free (ChEF) is a volunteer run service, and has been operating for two years, providing free lunches to any child in its local community in the school holidays. The service became active earlier than the Easter school holidays this year on the 23rd March – in response to school closures as a […]

  • Washingborough Academy Steps up to the Plate!

    Washingborough Academy Steps up to the Plate!

    Washingborough academy’s school chef has expanded the provision of hot meals to include all children who would otherwise have free school meals, over 70s and local residents in self-isolation. An 87-year-old resident had been to the school himself in 1937 and said that the school action made him feel proud.

  • Food at the School Gate

    Food at the School Gate

    St George’s C of E Community Primary School in Gainsborough has designed a ‘Grab n Go’ food station at the school gates, which is feeding their school and the local community. They have painted white lines 2 metres apart on the path to ensure social distancing.    Anybody else – including passers-by – can help themselves […]

  • Covid-19 National Good Practice

    Covid-19 National Good Practice

    We have summarised Covid-19 responses in other cities in our Sustainable Food Cities Network. It is good to have such a network in these times and some of the larger (and more resourced) Food Partnerships are making good progress.

  • Some Covid-19 food responses in Lincoln City

    Some Covid-19 food responses in Lincoln City

    Covid-19 is changing the food landscape. This is a summary of information we have received from some of the organisations in the City that are setting up food responses. This will change day to day – we are working hard to keep this up to date. We will be pleased to act as a conduit for information: do let us know of any initiatives and updates.