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  • A Lincolnshire Breadbasket

    A Lincolnshire Breadbasket

    I was recently in a meeting about agri food, when an academic said to me – Laura, remember that farmers don’t really have that much to do with food. At first I was taken aback, but there is a sense in which selling a crop into a global commodity market does create a fairly stunning…

  • The Future of Wheat/Bread

    The Future of Wheat/Bread

    Conversations for farmers, millers, bakers in Lincolnshire Wednesday 30th November – 9am-12:30pm LIAT, Riseholme Campus, Lincoln LN2 2LF We’ve teamed up with Lincoln University, to host discussions among farmers, millers and bakers. Our purpose is to gather people working at each stage of the grain and bread supply chain in Lincolnshire, to engage in conversations…

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