Helping to Feed Children and Adults in Wragby

Wragby Children Eat Free (ChEF) is a volunteer run service, and has been operating for two years, providing free lunches to any child in its local community in the school holidays. The service became active earlier than the Easter school holidays this year on the 23rd March – in response to school closures as aContinue reading “Helping to Feed Children and Adults in Wragby”

From Palestine to Lincoln: the Importance of Fair Trade

Last autumn, City Councillor Helena Mair went to visit a Community Interest Company that imports organically grown products from small scale farms in Palestine under the Fairtrade scheme – including the worlds first Fairtrade olive oil.

Self-sufficient Lincoln?

Here at the Lincoln Food Partnership we have been examining the potential for food growing in the City’s open spaces. Whilst it is not possible to identify private land, a number of other spaces can be estimated. For example, there are 22.5 hectares of allotments (many already growing food). The seven largest areas of openContinue reading “Self-sufficient Lincoln?”