Lincolnshire Food Partnership

We are a partnership of organisations working together for greener, fairer and healthier food for all, through sustainable local action.

What we do

As a partnership organisation, the LFP does not develop projects in an executive, singular way.

Rather we seek to bring groups of people together with a common purpose, to achieve more than we might have done individually.

Our role is thus supportive, catalytic and contributory, seeking to make a more integrated local food system, consistent with our mission and aims.

Current Projects

Tackling food poverty

We believe that everyone should have access to enough good food.

Use our online map to find your nearest foodbank, community larder, affordable cafe, membership supermarket or homeless outreach.

Photo credit: ECHO Street Kitchen

Incredible Edible in Lincolnshire

There are all sorts of way to get involved with growing food in your local community, from school growing projects and community gardens and orchards, to horticultural societies, Community Supported Agriculture and Care Farms.

Find out what’s going on in your area, and galvanise your community through food.

Recent blog posts:

  • The All Party Parliamentary Group on the National Food Strategy
    The APPG on the National Food Strategy, chaired by Jo Gideon, MP for Stoke on Trent, had its fourth meeting on  25th May to consider the way in which part 2 of the National Food Strategy might embrace the development of urban food systems, the support for rural communities, and how ‘good food’ jobs might be developed. The LFP was there.   It was acknowledged that food systems needed to change radically and fundamentally not just to feed the nation (we should import less food) but toContinue reading “The All Party Parliamentary Group on the National Food Strategy”
  • Food from the Other Side of the World?
    The Tariff-free trade deal with Australia being offered at the end of May, split Cabinet over food. Environment Secretary George Eustice was concerned that  because of scale of livestock farming in the Antipodes, UK farmers could be undercut.   Whilst these differences have been patched up in Westminster, the National  Farmers Union is concerned that hundreds of UK livestock farmers will go out of  business as a result of the deal. The Scottish and Welsh governments want Continue reading “Food from the Other Side of the World?”
  • The Future of Seed
    Seed sovereignty is about growers being able to produce and have control of their seeds – by saving seed from the crops they grow, selecting the strongest and most suitable seeds for breeding, and exchanging seeds freely with others. Sounds simple, right? At the moment, almost all commercial seeds are F1 hybrids. The seeds that these plants produce are either sterile or the seed saved from them can be expected to produce poor crops – growersContinue reading “The Future of Seed”
  • The Seed Co-operative
    “Our mission is to sow the seeds of a healthy and resilient organic food system that promotes diversity, democracy and a closer relationship with our food, and those who grow it.” The Seed Co-operative Sowing the seeds of a resilient food future The Seed Co-operative is a Lincolnshire seed producer – growing, processing and selling organic, open pollinated seeds. The seeds are adapted to the local climate and organic growing systems. Co-operatively owned and managed, theContinue reading “The Seed Co-operative”
  • United Food Force in North East Lincolnshire
    One of our newest partners, the We Are One Foundation, is running three food banks in Grimsby, along with another in Caistor and another two in Cleethorpes. The foundation is a result of One man’s vision to fight food poverty and change the lives of people in his community.  Staple Foods & Hot Meals Now working with dedicated trustees and an amazing group of volunteers, not only do they coordinate provision of staple foods to thoseContinue reading “United Food Force in North East Lincolnshire”
  • Gosberton House Academy
    At Gosberton House Academy, all children get to grow vegetables from seed, cook every week, and eat the things that they have grown on the site. I know full well that plenty of children get little more experience of growing food than germinating a broad bean in a yoghurt pot!  So I had to go and have a look… I will share with you on the tour that I was taken on by vice principal, PaulContinue reading “Gosberton House Academy”
  • Cogglesford Watermill
    A Story of Local Food & Heritage Cogglesford Watermill is the last working Sheriff’s watermill, rescued from dereliction around 30 years ago by North Kesteven council, and is maintained as a heritage site, open to the public. During lockdown, while the usual visitors have been kept away, the mill team has been re-thinking the importance of food and the mill’s original purpose of grinding flour. The food response to lockdown When the first lockdown kicked in,Continue reading “Cogglesford Watermill”
  • Job Opportunity: Warehouse Coordinator & Van Driver
    £19,000 per annum equivalent – 6 months fixed contract Starting date: Monday June 28th 2021 37.5 hours per week Working hours to be flexible dependant of the needs of the operation Reporting to: Warehouse Supervisor, Lincs Co-op Pilot Location: FareShare Midlands, Vulcan Park, George Street, Lincoln LN5 8LG Summary of Role Purpose This is an exciting project for Fareshare Midlands, starting with a 6-month pilot to assess food availability, demand levels and logistics arrangements. The roleContinue reading “Job Opportunity: Warehouse Coordinator & Van Driver”
  • Job Opportunity: Warehouse Supervisor
    Job vacancy for an exciting project for Fareshare Midlands, starting with a 6-month pilot in Lincolnshire to assess food availability, demand levels and logistics arrangements. Warehouse Supervisor Lincolnshire Co-op pilot £21,000 per annum equivalent – 6 months fixed contract starting Monday, 28th June2021 37.5 hours per week Working hours to be flexible dependant of the needs of the operation Reporting to: Project lead, Lincs Co-op Pilot Location: FareShare Midlands, Vulcan Park, George Street, Lincoln LN5 8LGContinue reading “Job Opportunity: Warehouse Supervisor”
  • The Sage Gardener
    The Sage Gardener CIC is about every aspect of wellness – positive mental health, eating good food, exercise and friendship. On a peaceful site at the edge of the tiny village of Eagle Hall near Lincoln, small groups of people visit – to volunteer in the ancient woods and kitchen garden, to partake in outdoor exercise sessions, to make friends over cups of tea under the trees, or to participate in one of the many groupsContinue reading “The Sage Gardener”
  • Every day things you can add to the compost
    Peat free We’re at the end of Peat Free April, and this will have influenced lots of people to stop buying peat-based compost for good, helping to protect endangered habitats and prevent greenhouse gas emissions. But what with the renaissance in British gardening, commercial peat-free compost may be in short supply this year! Whether on not you can get your hands on commercial peat free compost (and it is especially useful when it comes to sowingContinue reading “Every day things you can add to the compost”
  • Dunston Community Garden
    Guest blog, by Linda Scrutton from Dunston Community Garden Dunston Community Garden was born out of a request for ideas to spruce up the area around the village hall. This Spring, the gardeners have been transforming that land, making it more beautiful, welcoming to people and wildlife, and delicious – with flowers, fruit trees, veggies and more… Since the space around the village hall was allocated, village volunteers have nearly cleared all along the sunny hedging,Continue reading “Dunston Community Garden”
  • Can kids keep bees?
    They’re not exactly the most usual school pet, requiring considerable knowledge and skills, some specialist equipment, not to mention the careful handling – but the learning opportunities are as bountiful and delectable as the honey! Wyberton Primary Academy near Boston shows us how it’s done, with a little help from Willoughby Road Allotment Association. The School Bee Keepers Year five – Mrs Hodgson’s class – is the school beekeeping class. This allows all the children toContinue reading “Can kids keep bees?”
  • Mrs Smith: a Low Waste Inspiration
    Lincolnshire resident, Mrs Smith (1892-94) can teach us a huge amount about sustainable living, local food and minimising waste. More about Mrs Smith’s life and home, by Sally Bird, Learning and Development Officer at Mrs Smith’s Cottage.
  • Four things I’ve learnt – and a question
    1. Getting your hands dirty is transformative 2. The good food economy is a shared endeavour 3. Intergenerational friendship matters 4. Solidarity is on the rise A question: What would we do differently if we no longer needed foodbanks?
  • Doddington Farm Shop & Cafe
    Veg exchange scheme, chat & collect, independent takeaway… our newest Food Partner, Doddington Farm Shop, has been doing loads through lockdown to keep providing  people with fresh local food, and keeping human interaction alive despite everything. Local, seasonal produce Opened in 2007, the Farm Shop at Doddington Hall was born out of a passion for good quality, seasonal, local food. You’ll find fruit and vegetables with zero food miles freshly picked from the Kitchen Garden, beefContinue reading “Doddington Farm Shop & Cafe”

Lincolnshire Food News

Who we are

Food partners

Food Partners

We are organisations working together towards a fairer, greener, healthier food system in Lincolnshire through sustainable local action, in sympathy with the Mission and Aims of the Lincoln Food Partnership.

Please get in touch if you would like to join us.

Advisory Board

Our board brings together local leaders with a passion for sustainable food.

We have backgrounds in the public, private and third sector, including local government, the faith community, local businesses, schools and charities.

Lincolnshire Foodbanks

We work with foodbanks and other social food organisations in Lincolnshire to improve access to healthy food for all.

Use our online map to find your nearest foodbank, and find out how you can support people facing food poverty in your area.

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Our Story

How Lincolnshire Food Partnership became

Mission & Aims

Are you with us? You should join us!

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The foodie movers & shakers of Lincolnshire on our advisory board

Lincolnshire Food Partnership

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