Veg advocates

Would you like to be a Veg Advocates for Lincolnshire?

This is a really cool opportunity with our friends at the Food Foundation to help change our food system for the better.

Join us for an online workshop on 24th November, 10am-12noon to find out more:

What could Advocates get out of it?

  • The chance to make a positive difference in your food community
  • An opportunity to work with some of the leading food charities across the country on dietary inequality
  • Pledger site visits with a voucher to spend in store
  • Expenses to cover travel, food and accommodation when relevant
  • £200 to run a veg promotion activity in your local area
  • For 10 Advocates, £500 each for helping to evaluate the Veg Advocate activities
  • Experience of Participatory Action Research
  • Recognition for commitment in the form of a reward card and certificate

What will Advocates need?

Time – up to 10 days (more if desired) over four years
Commitment – a commitment to help the nation to eat more veg

There is a short application process and preference will be given to those not already involved in the food movement.

More details on the Food Foundation website.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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