Lincs Van Hire donates van to Lincoln Food Bank

The Lincoln Food Bank (Trussell Trust) received a most welcome surprise Christmas present this year. Lincs Van Hire very generously presented them with a new delivery van and are going to maintain it free on a five year lease.

“I think we all take for granted being able to cook a meal when there are people out there that can’t do that.”

Matthew Broadbent, managing director at Lincs Van Hire

Simon Hoare

Simon Hawking, chief Executive for Acts Trust which manages Lincoln Foodbank said: “To have a van of this quality is a real boost to the team. It means their own work environment is really good. It’s a bigger van. It’s efficient, and for the City, it’s a great service.”

Even more incredibly, when the van was delivered, it had hundreds of pounds worth of food in the back! This is a great boost for the Food Bank as their existing van – used both to pick up and distribute food to those in food poverty – was on its last wheels.

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